It’s the fourth and final day of my camping epic. No wind last night (not outside the canvas anyhow), so no nightmares about the shopping bag monster. lots of dew drops on the tent, and with the sun shining on them looking up from the  bed it looked like a starry night above me. Downside to a sunny morning when within tent is that it heats up quickety quick. 

the 2.4’s over the way have started sqinny whinging early today. If I eat my ant infested cheerios loud enough I might just drown them out. As someone who has come camping in a remote ‘quiet’ site (I’m sure I can get trades descriptions involved here), I seem to have attracted the most ear piercing screachy kids for miles around. Irritating, irritating, irritating!

Sir! – get your whinging ankle biters as far away from me as possible NOW! I am trying to have a ‘moment’ soaking up the view and gain a feeling of general well being, I do NOT want to waste my time imagining setting the shopping bag monster on you all!

Swimming this morning at Freshers Bay (all on me own – I didn’t think it was that cold, got used to it by the time I was numb). Bus to Needles Battery. this bus route is an open top bus that travels along the narrow road along the cliff top. Great to sit there and listen to the mothers having kittens cos their kids decide to get up and look over the side of the bus.

Looked over the Rocket test area then wandered back across Tennyson Down. Settled down and contemplated the scenery across the English Channel. You don’t realise how noisy the world is with planes until you can hear nothing else ( no car noises where I was). It took nearly half an hour to get just 5 minutes peace without anysort of engine noise somewhere. I wondered if in 25 years time I return to the same spot, will i have to wait ages just to HEAR some engine noises?

‘Tis the evening, the last evening, and nothing but the evening. Despite the dog sh*t, noisy neighbours and nights so disturbed they put Sweeny Todd to shame, I have had a fab time. The thought of heading back tomorrow to bills, emails and Facebook notifications lies heavy on my soul. If only I could disappear for a few days more.