well, day 13 into a 14 day ‘shop fast’. for someone who usually buys ‘bits and bobs’of food every other day, not a ‘once a month’ buyer, these last two weeks have been a bit of a challenge i.e. how to survive with what is sitting in your cupboard and not get anything in especially for the event. 


I managed to not buy any food at all apart from:

half a real ale at Cowes after watching red Arrows

bar of chocolate yesterday (bad day!)

tea and cake when meeting friend for a chat.

and that is all! I survived on courgettes in everything (pasta sauce, stir fry, curry, omlette), and had no margarine or cheese after day one! Something else I have noticed is that I have eaten virtually no bread – well nothing to put on it! Just about run out of squash, pasta and rice. fridge is empty apart from a lone carrot (that’ll do for lunch tomorrow!) and only porridge for breakfast. 

It’s been a good excercise, stopped me wasting so much food, especially fresh, and I seem to have just as much in the freezer now as I did two weks ago AND not a consumed tin of beans in sight! i’ve not missed cheese, or snacks. 


if you find that your cupboards are often full and struggle to fit in the weekly shop, go without for a few weeks. 

I AM looking forward to going to the greengrocers on Monday though. Courgettes and runner beans (growing in the garden) can get a bit tired after a time.