Well, this is the fourth day out of fourteen of ‘not buying any food and living out of the freezer  / cupboards / what’s not gone mouldy in the fridge’ challenge. I have no cheese / butter or margarine / shop-bought bread / any ready meals whatsoever, and do you know what it is I am desperate to buy right now?  Chocolate!!!

I did have a little concession last night after a particularly stressful meeting by buying half a pint of lager. well, I don’t think lager is technically food, is it?

What had I been eating the last few days? Home-made hummus (using lime juice instead of lemon juice), olive bread (in the bread machine right now), pasta with mushrooms (now all gone) courgette and chopped nut sauce (very tasty), plenty of cereal, well, I have a reasonalbe choice of foodstuffs to choose from right now. There is a lone tin of beans in the cupboard which I hope not to have to delve into before my fortnight is up. 


What I am finding is that I am much more likely to rummage through the fridge and fruit bowl for fresh stuff, knowing that:

a) it will go off and have to be thrown away without being replaced if I dont eat it and

b) It’s healthy. 

Cookery books are pretty much useless as I cannot go out and get that odd piece of ginger, avocado, herring gull or whatever. I can get some inspiration from them but it all boils down to imagination. And resources. Wnd finances. 


Onwards and upwards!