Is it just me, or is mothers day (or Mothering Sunday as it should be called) turning into another Christmas and Easter retail extravaganza?
Way back somewhen, as a child, I remember making a card and perhaps a flower out of a toilet roll at school (in the days when kids never caught anything other than crafting skills from toilet rolls), ensuring mum got a cup of tea in bed (undrinkable as it probably was) and made her feel special for the day, within my capabilities.

Last Sunday was Mothers Day. Last Saturday, the town centre was PACKED, lots of dads (many on their own, so presume mum still had child care duties) with carrier bags of flower arrangement baskets, helium filled balloons, boxes of chocolates and teddy bears clinging onto a heart, which presumably belongs to another larger teddy bear. I mean, do we not think that our kids love us unless we get commercialised and overpriced stuff from the supermarkets with ‘I love you mum’ on the box / balloon / mug etc? Give me a hand made card with the letters scrawled out in felt tip any day. And a cup of decent tea!

Lois Prior