After weeks of designing, creating and getting our new car-free website up and running the newly conceived baby is almost ready to be born (may be breach though). Thanks to hours and hours of hard work by my father, we have managed to get the web site together with minimum financial input (I was getting quotes for around £15 grand! – cheaper to fly to Mongolia and milk a yak!).

One of the last tasks to complete is to write-up the ‘days out without the car’ ideas. West Wight was easy – lots of walks and cake, Cowes perhaps not so easy, unless you are a lover of all things nautical. I am also doing Sandown Bay, Ventnor and Newport – so any ideas on where you can access places easily on foot or by public transport, let me know.

I am also getting excited about ‘launching’ the new web site – ‘god bless this internet and all who surf within her’. will be pushing it to Ventnor Blog, County Press, Island Pulse and any other places that are prepared to listen…..